An Unusual St Andrew’s Wedding

An Unusual St Andrew’s Wedding

St Andrews weddingA St Andrews Wedding with a difference.

This has to be one of the most unusual weddings that I have ever been a part of. whilst it had all the pomp and ceremony of a ‘normal wedding day’ with a registrar, readings, bridesmaids and so on; it did not fit the usual form.

Let me explain how things usually work. Normally I am contacted about a year in advance, we would get together for a chat over a coffee and go through all aspects of the wedding day, likes, dislikes and so on. Then if a booking is made we would usually go through a pre-wedding photoshoot so that the couple are completely relaxed on the day. By the end of the pre-wedding photoshoot we are all pretty relaxed and friends with each other. This is not what happened on this occasion, though we were friends by the end!

St Andrews wedding

St Andrews wedding

Un-Usual Wedding Booking Process

You see, Anuita and Alasdair were booked through a wedding planner, Joann Scott. I had not even spoken to them prior to seeing Alasdair for the first time in St Andrews about 45 mins before the ceremony was due to start! I had to quickly dive in and have a chat with him in between the meeting and greeting of friends and family. It was apparent pretty quickly that, actually, Alasdair and Anita were not bothered with having many photos of themselves together, after all, they have been together for over 15 years and have two beautiful girls! Ok, so the pre wedding recce that I had done of the venue was pretty much out the window! What they wanted was lots of fun relaxed photos of their friends and family enjoying the day.

So that was the brief, which was fulfilled and more, I did manage to persuade them to have one kiss on camera….but only 1!!

St Andrews weddingSt Andrews wedding

St Andrews wedding


Their daughters looked great, so it made sense to try and get some portraits of them along with friends, some images below.

St Andrews weddingSt Andrews weddingSt Andrews wedding

After the drinks reception the group retired to Forgans Restaurant for a fantastic meal and speeches……all in all a great, if unusual wedding day!

St Andrews wedding

Drop me a line….

If you would like to chat further about your wedding please give me a call on 01899 830 364 or 07812638157; you can see my Wedding Photography Portfolio and Portrait Photography Portfolio here. I would be very happy to meet up for a coffee and informal chat anytime.

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