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Wedding Money Saving Tips

diy wedding ideasIt’s the biggest day of your life as a couple and you want it to be a fairytale – but the costs add up; use the tips below to help make some savings.

  1. The perfect day doesn’t mean spending loads look for bargains where you can find them. Work out what you can afford and then try and figure out how to stay within that. You don’t need to spend thousands on a big fancy hotel if all you want is a great party! Don’t overspend and put yourselves in financial difficulty for the sake of a fancy wedding day.
  2. If you have a wedding savings account; make sure it is making the most interest possible. Put it in the highest earning account possible if you do not need to access it for a while.
  3. make a list of everything you need to spend money on and stick to it; so many things can be handmade from invitations to wedding favours, get the family involved to help out. It will make the wedding day that much more personal and more memorable.
  4. If your wedding is a while in coming think everyday how you can save for it; cutting out the morning latte could save over £700!
  5. Look out for credit card deals that give cash back on expenditure, and buy all of your wedding supplies on this card.
  6. Don’t have your wedding on a Saturday, there are often great deals to be had by having your wedding on a less popular day of the week; look out for some deals or contact your chosen venue and see if they can do you a deal.
  7. Haggle with everyone; venues are competing for business as are all wedding suppliers; some may do you a deal.
  8. Go to a less popular or smaller venue and save ££, some out of the way venues cost a fraction of their city centre counterparts.
  9. Have a huge picnic in a nice park with all of your friends……and hope the weather stays nice!
  10. Look out for a second hand dress; there are lots of sites, such as preloved, sellmyweddingdress etc.
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