Wedding Tips & Checklist

Wedding Tips & Checklist – Wedding Photographer in Scotland

Before the Wedding Ceremony!

Once you have popped the question / or answered yes, depending whether you were doing the asking or answering, there is so much to think about.

Quite apart from choosing your venue, your Scottish Wedding Photographer, your style of wedding ceremony – Humanist, civil, the list goes on.  Then you have your hair, flowers, best man/lady, ushers, groomsmen, wedding theme…’s exhausting just thinking about it!

There are certan things you have to get in place first for it all to be legal.  I hope the list below makes it quite clear for you, take a look at the useful wedding planning guide here.

  • Civil Marriage/Partnerships – you’ll need to contact the registrar for the area that you wish to get married in.  In most cases, it is simply visiting the council website and searching for the registration offices.
  • Religious marriages –  Depending upon your faith you will need to contact the person conducting your ceremony to agree on the date, time and venue.  Often you may have to ask permission if you are outwith the area, check first and give yourself plenty of time.
  •  Humanist weddings – Scotland is one of the few countries where Humanist marriage ceremonies are fully legal, and recognised throughout the world. The others are Australia, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway and certain states of the USA.  To find out more contact the Humanist Society of Scotland.
  • 3 Months before your wedding date contact the registrar to request marriage/civil partnership notices.  both of you will have to complete marriage/civil partnership notice forms.  you will need to complete teh forms and pay the fees for the area in which you are getting married.  Note thatthe notices must be submitted early enough for the registrar to ensure that you are both free to marry or form a partnership, however, the notice cannot be submitted more than 3 months before the date nor later than 14 days before the date.
  • 8 weeks – return the registration forms to the registrar.
  • The week before!! Confirm all the wedding timings and arrangements with the person conducting your ceremony.  Collect the orders of service.
  • Day Before – Rehearsal, sometimes it is not necessary, however, some folk find they are less nervous having been to the ceremony venue prior to wedding day.

weddings at Oxenfoord castle

After the Wedding Ceremony.

  • Whether you have a Civil, Humanist or Religious Ceremony you will have to sign the wedding schedule on the day to make it legal.
  • The registrar will then take the schedule and register the marriage or partnership on the next available working day.
  • IMPORTANT!  It is your responsibility to have the signed marriage schedule returned to the registrar within 3 DAYS of the wedding taking place, so don’t lose it!  Once it is returned your marriage will be registered on the next working day and the certificate can be posted out to you or collected.


In my work as a Scottish Wedding Photographer I am often asked for help with the little details that I have learned in my years of attending weddings, I hope the above goes a little way to helping you on the way.

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