Weddings in Castle Venlaw – The Corri Family

Today I was in the company of an amazing family, The Corri’s.  Jenni and Bern married today at Castle Venlaw, in Peebles in a very emotional ceremony, Jenni’s 8 year old daughter Sophie has in Jenni’s words ‘severe learning difficulties, cerebral palsy and behavioural problems.  She is a star and I have no doubt if you are to meet her you would fall in love – but she also can be stubborn and will get on the floor when she’s not doing what she wants! ‘  Well she was a star and so was Jack, their 18 month old who delivered the rings.  The day also happened to Bern’s 50th birthday so it was a day full of celebration!  They were great fun to work with and Sophie and Jack were a credit to their parents.


Here are some images from the wedding.


2010-02-11 00365

2010-02-11 00373

2010-02-11 00387

2010-02-11 00428

2010-02-11 00441

2010-02-11 00457

2010-02-11 00470

2010-02-11 00529

2010-02-11 00532

2010-02-11 00629

2010-02-11 00539

2010-02-11 00547

2010-02-11 00580


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