Top Tips for Wedding Planning in Scotland – Religious Ceremonies

Ceremony Types in Scotland – Religious Ceremonies

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This is still probably the most popular type of ceremony in Scotland.  As long as the ceremony is carried out by a minister, pastor, priest or any other person entitled to solemnise a ceremony under the Marriage Act.  The constraints of a religious ceremony is that not all celebrants are happy to undertake a wedding if they do not feel the location is suitable; most would prefer a location that reflects the meaning of the ceremony.

The Church of Scotland

Often the ceremony will tai enlace in an area that one of you resides, if this is the case then you would approach the minister and discuss your plans.  If you see a church somewhere else that you really like the look of, then again the first instance is to approach the minister, however, they may want to have a bit more a chat with you to understand your reasons for choosing that particular location.  It is not unusual for you to ask your own minister to travel and conduct a service in another church, it just takes little more planning and discussion.  Check out the Church of Scotland Website.

The Catholic Church

Again the first port of call is to chat to your local priest about your plans.  If one of you is not Catholic then a special dispensation from the Bishop is needed to be married in a Catholic Church but this is unlikely to ever be an issue.  To find out more see The Catholic Church website

Muslim Weddings

I have done several Muslim weddings now, and they are simply brilliant.  The colour and atmosphere from the bride and groom preparations right through to the party after is fantastic.  To plan your wedding you will need to speak initially to the Imam of your mosque.  the ceremonies differ depending upon your cultural background.  Occasionally it is necessary to have an official from the local registrars office present if person conducting the service is not authorised individually by the Registrar General.

Humanist Ceremonies

These ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular and I have been asked to photograph many of them.  They are always extremely personal occasions and the celebrant sometimes goes to extraordinary lengths to get to know a couple.  I know of one celebrant who invited a couple to dinner to find out more about them; the ensuing service was incredible, the details he had gleaned from them over dinner made the service very emotional for them.  Scotland is one of only a handful of countries where Humanist Ceremonies are legally conducted and with them being free from any religion leaves you free to personalise your ceremony as you wish.  For more information check out the Humanist Website.

Interfaith Ceremony

This kind of ceremony is used where the couples come from different religious or cultural backgrounds and want to incorporate their beliefs and rituals in the ceremony.  You are free to to honour the faiths and rituals and create a totally unique ceremony that will be unique to you.  For more info.

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