Top Tips For Wedding Planning

You’re engaged!!  Congratulations!!

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Congratulations, you’ve got engaged… what next?!!  Here are some top tips and a wedding planner countdown.

Setting the date.

As soon as you tell anyone that you have got engaged, the first question you will probably be asked is; when are you getting married?  Getting married is always going to take a lot of organisation and attention, unless you decide to elope and get married on a sun kissed beach in the Caribbean!

Whether you decide to take your time and save up some much needed pennies or decide to tie the knot within a few months of your engagement, most folk tend to go for the months between April and October, to (hopefully) take advantage of the better weather.  Saturdays are naturally always the most popular, with Friday and Sundays coming a close second and third especially if a bank holiday Monday is tacked on to make it a long weekend.  it is worth remembering that the most popular dates are most often booked up well in advance, not only with photographers but the other suppliers as well, so think ahead.

Ceremony – what type?  Location?

The ceremony is the most important part of the day and will form the focal point of the planning process.  You can’t book anything else until you have sorted out where and when you are getting married.  There are now a plethora of wedding ceremonies available from traditional church weddings to pagan ceremonies carried out on hills!  For some, religion will play a part in the decision, however, for a lot of couples nowadays a non-denominational service is increasingly popular.

You will need to start with the guest list, this may sound easy, but I promise you it isn’t.  Unless you are paying for the entire wedding yourselves then it may be that your parents will demand/suggest that they might like a few of their friends / obscure relations to attend.  Keeping the numbers down to a manageable level is whilst including the most important people in your lives is one of the hardest aspects of organising a wedding.  Most venues will have a limit to the number that can be seated which may help…..or hinder the decision making process.  Once you have decided upon the guest list then you’ll need to decide upon the type of ceremony as this may have a bearing ultimately on your choice of reception venue.

Many venues now have the option of hosting both the ceremony and reception in one place.  This has many benefits, not least the time saved in travelling from the ceremony to reception venue.

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