TOP TEN TIPS : how to choose your wedding venue.

Choosing your wedding venue.

oxenfoord castleAn awful lot of time is spent on choosing the right wedding venue and rightly so; it is where you will spend the majority of your wedding day and you want it to be right for you. There are whole Pinterest boards dedicated to wedding venues; castle, barns and beaches.

We are lucky in Scotland to have the right to pretty much marry anywhere we wish in addition to having some amazing venues and spectacular locations.

So, how to choose?  Well; first up would be to have a good idea of the kind of wedding you want to have…..grand, relaxed, etc and then look for the venue that suits that theme. There are many outstanding castles and grand houses to rent exclusively just as there are some quite extraordinary small out of the way locations that just need a little imagination to give it the ‘wow factor’.

Are you willing to travel or wanting to stay local? You might want to think about how your guests are going to get there if you go too far off the beaten track. Do you want city centre hubbub or countryside peace and quiet? Do you want ancient Scottish history or cool modern chic?

Things to consider for your wedding venue & questions to ask:

In no particular order!

  • Location – local or travel?
  • Will the venue be exclusive to you? You don’t want uninvited guests gatecrashing the evening dancing.
  • Availability of local accommodation for your guests
  • Travel time between ceremony and reception (if they are not hosted together) – if you have a long way to travel this will eat in to your photos / mingling time before the meal
  • £££ – how much do you have to spend?
  • how many guests will you have – most if  not all will have a maximum
  • What is the pricing structure of the venue and what are the hidden costs?
  • can you supply your own wine and or bubbly?
  • Make use of online sites like for planning your wedding and budgeting, even doing the seating plan!
  • Is VAT included in the costs?
  • When can you get access to the venue?
  • Can you decorate the venue with your own theme

I will look at some of these points in further posts……


Take care of yourselves.


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