TOP DIY Wedding Ideas

diy wedding ideasI had an enquiry recently about a wedding; the bride wanted to book a particular venue, however, she couldn’t contact the venue (it was in the holidays!) so she had no idea of the cost. As it turned out the cost was way, way above her budget so she reluctantly had to look elsewhere. So that got me thinking, what kind of a wedding could you have for the cost of the venue hire alone? In some cases the venue hire cost can be as high as £4000 alone; surely that is going to give you a wedding party that you will remember!

There are many wedding venues that cost incredibly little, a wedding in Neidpath Castle for diy wedding ideasexample costs about £750 plus VAT to hire the Castle. However, you have to put in an awful lot of work to ‘dress’ the venue; but think on the positive side of things, your wedding will be totally unique! Sarah and Ewan’s families did all the decorations and Sarah and her mum even went to cake making classes and produced a stunning cake!




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