Stunning So Stobo Castle!

Stunning So Stobo Castle Wedding

Stobo Castle provided us with an amazing location for Aimee and Kris’ wedding photos.

Aimee and Kris decided on a whim to get married this year after having to postpone a trip to Stobo the previous year. Stobo Castle Wedding photosAimee had been quite ill and they were devastated to miss out on the trip, Kris had already proposed by then and they had been planning to get married at some point.   When they decided to make the trip to Stobo this year they thought ‘lets get married at the same time’!

Initially Aimee had decided that she did not want Kris to see her in her wedding dress prior to the wedding and intended to get changed in the registrars office! When the staff at Stobo heard of this they thought that they should take advantage of the Caste and the wonderful locations to get some images taken.  They do not normally cater for weddings, so this caused a bit of excitement at the Spa.

We had originally planned only to meet at the registrars and take photos in the courtyard, however, given the opportunity to shoot at Stobo Castle it seemed daft not to take it.  We were lucky that we did so as the weather was awful after the ceremony, we were rewarded with some stunning images and Aimee and Kris got a lot more than they bargain for, so everyone was happy!!

So there we were, the three of us, Liz Paxton the registrar from Peebles and two secretaries from the office upstairs witnessing the wonderful and emotional marriage of Aimee and Kris.  Aimee had written a couple of fantastic poems that were all about the two of them and their life to date and then looking ahead; Kris was a little overcome by the thoughtfulness of it all.

After the ceremony we were greeted by rain that restricted us to using the only cover available in the courtyard, the war memorial, however, having already done the shoot at Stobo we were all really relaxed and it shows in the faces of Aimee and Kris who were a pleasure to meet and work with to create these images.

So Stobo Castle Wedding Images

Stobo Castle

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