Medieval Themed Wedding at Neidpath Castle

Neidpath Castle – Medieval Themed Wedding

Alex and Scott wanted to do things a little differently; when they stubbled across Neidpath Castle they couldn’t believe that they could actually get married in such a venue.  Neidpath Castle is not for the faint hearted, there is no wedding coordinator to manage the day for you and magic solutions to problems that may arise.  When they chose Neidpath they knew that it would be very much a ‘home made’ wedding.

Alex and Scott decided that to do the castle justice they should create a medieval theme for the wedding; to that end Scott bought his suit of armour, Alex wore a suitable themed dress and all of the guests bought into the day too by dressing accordingly.  It turned out to be absolutely fantastic; a great day for all concerned.

Today I received a lovely email from Alex –

“Hi Ross,
          We received all of the photos of our medieval wedding on the beautifully presented and branded memory stick along with the fantastic prints and we are delighted with how you managed to capture the key moments of the day along with the style that fitted the theme. The portraits of us both turned out fantastic – we were worried because of the low levels of lighting available indoors in the castle this might not have worked so well, but the quality and scene set by the photos is outstanding and the lighting that was achieved makes them look truly authentic. We are more than pleased with all of the pictures, including the group shots which were all done in a very limited time scale. We would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants excellent quality and highly professional photography for ANY kind of wedding they have.
Alex & Scott”

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