Marquee or not to be…That is the question!!

Busting Marquee Myths

gilmerton-house-wedding-marqueegilmerton house wedding marqueegilmerton-house-wedding-photographerTo Marquee or not to…..Marquee’s get a pretty bad rap in my opinion.  Yes, there are some pretty dodgy ones out there that are not fit for purpose but there are many, many fine wedding venues that use them and they are worth more than a cursory glance.  Take Gilmerton House for example; this is a wonderful private house that is quite new to the wedding market.  It has been a very popular addition to wedding venues in Scotland and uses a bespoke stand alone marquee for the larger wedding receptions. A lot of wedding couples discount marquees because they think they cannot handle the kinds of weather that we get here in Scotland.  I have been in many marquees during severe storms and they have been completely watertight. Most marquee companies will offer the full service to decorate your marquee to suit your wedding theme.  The marquee companies have heaters included in the hire costs, along with toilet facilities so that no-one need go outside if it is raining.  There are many marquee companies that have separate zones within the marquee for bar and lounge areas for your guests to relax.

Top tip, don’t discount a wedding venue if they have a marquee and remember that a marquee will travel; find a fantastic site and have your unique wedding anywhere!

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