Edinburgh Castle Weddings

Edinburgh Castle Weddings | Wedding Venues in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle situated right in the heart of Scotland’s capital city is a stunning location to have your wedding.

sunset at Edinburgh castle wedding

Edinburgh Castle Weddings

There are four different locations in which to have your celebration. One of the most popular and smallest is St. Margaret’s Chapel which is the oldest building in the castle. Unfortunately it is quite small — maximum capacity is 25 guests, it is also one of the best vantage points in Edinburgh situated right by Mons Meg, the famous cannon.

Weddings and Wedding Photography at Edinburgh Castle

I have been fortunate to be asked to photograph a few Edinburgh Castle weddings, and the locations are quite unique. You will seldom have the opportunity to have a Castle to yourself, and once the public leaves this is exactly what you get. You will have unrestricted access to many parts of Edinburgh castle to create stunning wedding images.

Edinburgh Castle Weddings

Below is a slideshow from a recent Edinburgh Castle Wedding.


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